bbcThe BBC has launched a series of new PSB partnerships, including sharing the iPlayer with other broadcasters and bringing it to the TV.
The proposals cover the production, distribution and exploitation of content. One partnership—to develop a common industry approach to delivering on-demand and internet services to the television—is already being progressed by the BBC, ITV and BT.

The BBC Executive has developed the partnership proposals following a challenge to do so from the BBC Trust in June 2008. They also form part of the BBC’s response to Ofcom’s second PSB review.
The proposals include: a public service iPlayer, developing with other partners an open environment for internet-connected television and working closely with ITV and BT to enable audiences to access on-demand and interactive services such as the iPlayer via the TV, and driving reach and usage of public service content across the internet.

Mark Thompson, Director-General of the BBC, said: “These proposals directly address the central question of the public service broadcasting debate: how we ensure a sustainable future in the digital age.
“We are proposing that the BBC shares some of the benefits of its scale and security with the rest of the industry to strengthen it for the long term.
“While the BBC is also facing significant economic challenges, we can still play a valuable role in underpinning public service broadcasting at a time when the industry is grappling with huge strategic challenges.
“Through partnerships I believe broadcasters can help secure the future of public service broadcasting in this country.”

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By Expat