bbciplayerAn early version of the iPlayer app (MHEG) on connected TV devices will be closing on 29 Sept 2016.
This version of iPlayer is on a very small number of TV’s and set-top boxes which are not able to use our current version of the TV app. This is mainly Freesat devices without the Freetime label, Sony 2010 (KDL-EX range) TVs and some older Freeview devices.

Why we’re closing this version of iPlayer

We invest significant time and effort in maximising support for older TV devices and have successfully migrated many hundreds of different devices to the latest version of iPlayer for TVs.

However, unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to migrate older devices to a supportable version of iPlayer. It’s not cost efficient to maintain the implementation of delivering iPlayer to these devices, due to the backend systems and technologies (often 3rd party) on which they depend.

Here is a list of affected devices:

Company Product Model/Year
Bush FSAT+500 2014
Bush FSATHD 2014
Bush FSAT+500 2014
Bush BFSAT01HD 2009
Bush 7105 (320GB) 2011
Bush 7105 (500GB) model: BU11FSRHD50 2011
Echostar HDS-600RS 2011
Ferguson F101HDSAT 2010
Goodmans 7105 (500GB) model: GD11FSRHD50 2011
Grundig/Goodmans GFSDTR500HD (500 GB) 2009
Grundig/Goodmans Grundig GUFSAT01HD/GFSAT200HD 2010
Grundig/Goodmans GFSDTR320HD (320GB) 2009
Humax Foxsat HD 2008
Humax Foxsat HDR (320GB/500GB/1TB) 2008
Logik LHDFSAT11 2011
Logik LHDFSAT11 2011
Manhattan Plaza HD-S 2011
Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 2013
Manhattan Plaza HD-S 2011
Manhattan Plaza HDR-S 2012
Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 2013
Panasonic PAL09 2009
Panasonic PAL10 – TX-L37G20B 2010
Panasonic DMR-BS850/DMR-BS750/DMR-XS350 2010
Panasonic PAL08 2008
Panasonic DMT-XS350 2009
Sagem DSI86HD 2009
Sagem DTR94250S/DTR94320S/DTR94500S 2009
Samsung SMT-S7800 (500 GB) 2011
Sony KDL-ssV5800* 2009
Sony KDL-ssW5810* 2009
Sony KDL-ssLX90x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX81x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX80x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX71x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX70x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssHX90x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssHX80x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssHX70x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX70x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX71x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX603* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX605* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX50x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX403* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX503* 2010
Technisat HDFS 2009
*ss = Screen Size


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