bbchdBBC Research and Innovation has reported the successful use of a demodulation device capable of receiving high definition pictures using the DVB-T2 transmission standard for the first time.
DVB-T2, a new version of the DVB-T standard currently used for digital terrestrial television in the UK, will be used to increase the total capacity of multiplex B when it is reconfigured in tandem with digital switchover to permit the carriage of high definition services.

In June, the BBC commenced DVB-T2 test transmissions from the Guildford transmitter, and has now demonstrated a device capable of demodulating the signals successfully – the first such successful test anywhere in the world.
The news comes as the BBC’s research department celebrates the 60th anniversary of its home at Kingswood Warren.

“Following the approval of DVB-T2 in June and the launch of test transmissions from Guildford transmitter the next day, we are delighted that on Kingswood Warren’s 60th anniversary our team has been able to deliver a working demonstration of a DVB-T2 modulator and demodulator,” said Justin Mitchell, leader of the BBC’s DVB-T2 modem development team.
The modulation and demodulation devices will be made available for licensing.

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