BBC Earth IdentBBC Worldwide today announced the launch of new premium factual channel, BBC Earth, in Asia.
BBC Earth will inspire audiences by sharing the incredible wonders of our universe. The channel will showcase the work of the world’s foremost factual film makers as it takes audiences on a journey of discovery.
From the smallest creature under the microscope to the limitless expanses of space, BBC Earth will bring viewers face to face with heart pounding action, mind blowing ideas and the wonders of being human.
BBC Earth is part of a global strategy created and shaped by research into audience demand. It is BBC Worldwide’s brand for premium factual content, from natural history and the human world to outer space and science.

David Weiland, EVP for BBC Worldwide Asia said: “The premiere of BBC Earth in Asia is an important step in BBC Worldwide’s strategy to inspire audiences with intelligent, distinctive content. With BBC Earth, we will now have a compelling way to share premium BBC factual content with audiences in Asia and around the world. With an increased investment into new and premiere content, we are confident that BBC Earth will strike a chord with viewers in Asia.”

The channel, a rebrand of BBC Knowledge, will launch on 3 October at 9pm (Sin/HK).
On Sunday, 4 October, BBC Earth will premiere Shark – the definitive series of shark natural history, made on a scale never attempted before and revelatory in both content and photography. This series features over 30 species of sharks and rays, including one that walks on land. The series was filmed in dozens of locations worldwide, ranging from under the polar ice to mangrove swamps, shipwrecks and coral reefs.

The new channel will also see the Asia premiere of The Hunt, less than 24 hours after the UK telecast. The blue chip landmark series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough and executive produced by award-winning producer, Alistair Fothergill, explores the dramatic world of predation as never before, taking an intimate look at the remarkable strategies of hunters and the hunted, exploring the challenges animals face and the tactics they employ.

Other programmes that will premiere later in the year after The Hunt include:

Lands of the Monsoon – A series exploring how life around southern Asia both endures and depends on the tumultuous weather that annually transforms the land – the mighty monsoon. All life is dominated by this rampaging weather system. From Tibet to northern Australia, this series makes an exhilarating journey through the lands of the monsoon.

Life Below Zero (series three) – The icy adventures continue for Life Below Zero’s hardy characters, racing to prepare for their survival as the oncoming winter freeze begins to take hold in Alaska. This ratings-winning series continues to grip audiences as it follows the stories of hard-working people living off the grid miles from the nearest road.

Infested – Dr Michael Mosley explores the bizarre and fascinating world of parasites by turning his body into a living laboratory and deliberately infesting himself with them. He travels to Kenya to give himself a tapeworm – a parasite that can grow to many metres inside the human gut. He also encounters lice, leeches and deadly malaria parasites, before swallowing a pill-camera to reveal what is growing within him. By the end of his infestation, Michael learns a new-found respect for these extraordinary creatures which can live off and even take control of their hosts for their own survival.

In Asia, BBC Earth will be available in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. There is also a BBC Earth block in Japan on Wowow.

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