4k-ultra-hdThe BBC’s chief technology officer has promised to create an ‘internet first’ platform but has hinted at regular 4k Ultra HD broadcasts by 2016.

Matthew Postgate’s blogpost to introduce BBC Engineering’s rebrand from BBC Technology promised to avoid risky megaprojects like the failed Digital Media Initiative, and in a follow-up FT interview he said the BBC was likely to be screening 4k programmes as standard by 2016.

The BBC executive said the corporation’s challenge was “to take advantage of the rapidly changing technology and media landscapes for the benefit of the public”, capitalising on the rise of mobile viewing, on-demand TV and social media.It is going to be some time before viewers will be able to see a BBC One or Two in 4K, it is far more likely that a BBC UHD channel could launch to air 4K programming.
The BBC could also launch some kind of BBC Engineering channel, where new technology and ideas could be tested.

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By Expat