astra2g-rolloutFollowing the State Review Board’s decision, the Proton M/Astra 2G integrated launch vehicle (ILV) was rolled out to Launch Complex at 4:30 am (Moscow Time) earlier today. The ILV is now installed on its launch pad.

After the ILV roll-out to the service tower, specialists from Khrunichev and other Roscosmos entities proceeded with the operations specified for the Day 1 of the countdown schedule.

The launch of Astra-2G is scheduled for 28 November. This will be 7th launch for the Proton in 2014 and the 400th Proton mission since 1965.

Proton M was contracted for the launch of Astra 2G by International Launch Services Inc. (ILS). The controlling interest in ILS is held by the Khrunichev Space Center which is the designer and manufacturer of the Proton booster and Breeze M upper stage.

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By Expat