sesAfter months of delays, Astra 2E has started to move towards 28.2° East. All BBC, ITV and Channel 4 services currently on Astra 1N, will be moved to the new satellite.
Viewers in some areas of continental Europe can expect to lose channels currently on Astra 1N, which has a wider beam.
Astra 2E’s UK spotbeam is expected to have the same coverage areas as the UK spotbeam on Astra 2F. This can not be confirmed before the satellite enters commercial service in February of 2014.

Astra 2E was scheduled to enter service during the summer of 2013, a failed launch days before the satellites launch, delayed the launch until September 19, 2013.
After a few weeks of testing at 43.4° East, Astra 2E has been held in orbit over the Indian Ocean while SES moved one of its other satellites to a new position.

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By Expat