sesThe migration of channels to the new Astra 2E satellites European beam began last night at 2am. The first to be switched were those on the near-end-of-life 2A satellite. Reports from across Europe indicate improved reception in Spain, The Canaries, Italy and some eastern parts of Europe, this has not been the case for viewers in Cyprus, Finland and the Eastern Mediterranean, where reports  suggest the loss of previously received services.
Reports from Spain show an increase in signal levels for the default transponder used by Sky, 11.778, good news for Sky subscribers.
Currently no channels have transferred to Astra 2E’s UK spotbeam.
More channels are expected to move over the coming weeks.

The following frequencies have moved to Astra 2E:

11.720 H
11.758 H
11.778 H
11.798 H
11.836 H
11.856 H
11.914 H
11.934 V
12.012 H
12.344 H
12.383 H
12.460 H

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By Expat