One year after the UHD / HDR full-scale technical test in September 2018, ARTE confirms the conclusions of these tests by launching a new experimental channel “ARTE HDR”, produced from the HD signal, for an experimental period of one year. This new experiment will be carried out in partnership with Philips, Technicolor, ATEME and COBALT.

The three weeks of testing in 2018 have made it possible to optimize the best technical parameters of format and encoding with a signal transmitted to the following specificities:

  • 1080p
  • 50fps (second images)
  • SL-HDR2 (HDR10 + dynamic metadata)
  • HEVC encoding 10 bits at 8 Mbps

This channel will only be available on HDR-compatible TVs or mobile phones.

Early partners, Molotov.TV and Free launch this new channel for their users from December 9, 2019. (Molotov: channel 28 on all connected devices and Free: channel 102 on Box One and Delta).

The implementation of this channel demonstrates once again that Technicolor’s SL-HDR distribution solutions enable publishers to offer optimal quality on a maximum of HDR screens.

This experiment conducted by ARTE, a pioneer in digital technology in all its forms, consists of validating different production and distribution options that can evolve over time depending on the feedback from users.

Source: Arte

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