Crimson Hexagon has released consumer insights into the battle between streaming services Roku and Apple TV.
Crimson Hexagon is a leader in deriving intelligence from social data. The company used its library of 1 trillion social media posts to gain an understanding into what streaming features consumers love, and what factors they consider when making a purchase. Whilst focussed on US data, the insights can be applied to the local market:

  • Roku’s conversation about conversion (someone who says they purchased the product) is much higher than Apple TV. While Apple TV generates more than twice as much purchase interest/ consideration, the Roku audience is converting to purchase (6%) at higher levels than the Apple TV audience (3%). This signals that Apple TV has room for efforts tailored at generating buying desire and conversion. Roku also draws a higher percentage of post-purchase dialogue that includes audiences saying they are watching content on the device
  • There is significantly higher post-purchase chatter from females, and a higher pre-purchase conversation by males. This could mean males are the decision-makers for purchasing these products, and those females are more likely to review or share their experiences
  • Roku broke the streaming market early but was still an underdog. A look at the social conversations around Roku and Apple TV revealed younger users are attracted to the Roku’s low price tag, whilst Apple TV has a firm foothold with those over 35
  • The reasons people buy Roku products are: affordability, product was received as a gift, and the presence of a headphone port
  • The cross-pollination of Apple’s ecosystem is the largest portion of discussion for Apple TV buyers, followed by the subcategories of integration for AirPlay and Apple Music. The ease of integration is the main draw, which makes sense because if you look at the interests of the Apple TV audience, they align with the traditional interests of Apple customers: Development, Design, and Advertising.
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By Expat