ofcomOfcom has today published its Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014. The report shows that the number of people aged 65 and over accessing the internet has risen by more than a quarter in the past year.
The proportion of people aged over 65 that are accessing the web reached 42% in 2013, up nine percentage points from 33% in 2012.

One reason for this is an increase in the use of tablet computers by older people aged 65-74 to go online, up from 5% in 2012 to 17% in 2013.
This has helped to drive overall internet use up from 79% of all adults in 2012 to 83% in 2013.

However, older people spend significantly less time surfing the web than younger people (16-24 year olds), who on average spend more than a whole day (24 hours 12 minutes) each week online. This compares to an average 9 hours 12 minutes online per week among adults over 65.

The research also reveals that watching TV continues to be the media that adults say they would miss most (42%) if it was taken away. Young people aged 16-24 are more than three times more likely to choose their smartphone (47%) over TV (13%), while people over 65 say they would most miss watching TV (68%).

Ofcom has a statutory duty to promote media literacy and conducts research to provide an accessible overview across TV, radio, internet and mobile phones.

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