bbciplayerSelected BBC programmes are now available in 720p high definition on iPlayer. iPlayer HD was expected to launch last week rollout was aborted due to a last-minute deployment issue; however, the new service, which makes programmes available in HD via streaming and downloads, was made available on April 20th.

“It’s great that we’ve been able to bring the BBC HD channel to the BBC iPlayer family,” said Danielle Nagler, head of BBC HD. “For some people this will be their first experience of high definition viewing, allowing them to see and hear programmes that they love from the BBC in the very best quality possible.
“In the last month we’ve extended the channel hours to nine per day, refreshed the look, enhanced the range of programmes, and now our HD content will be available whenever and wherever audiences want it.
“We’re seeing huge demand for HD content and I’m confident that this will help ensure it is as accessible as possible.”

Today’s release also replaces the original Download Manager with BBC iPlayer Desktop, a new Adobe AIR-powered version of the iPlayer downloadable application designed to work on any AIR-compatible platform including Windows PCs, Macs and computers running GNU/Linux.

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By Expat