The proportion of UK homes with a subscription to at least one of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Now TV passed 50% for the first time in Q4 2019, standing at 50.5%. 14.27 million homes access at least one of these services, a quarter-on-quarter increase of +4.4% or almost 600,000 homes since Q3 2019.

All three providers continue to see year-on-year growth, with Netflix still the largest service, increasing almost +20% since Q4 2018 to over 12 million homes. Amazon Prime Video grew by just over 35% versus Q4 2018 to over 7 million homes, with Now TV also seeing almost +8% year-on-year growth to close to 1.7 million UK homes.

In Q4 2019, 6.03 million UK homes (21% of homes) subscribed to two or more SVOD services, up 1.72 million year-on-year.

Note: The number of UK households declined from 28.58 million in Q1 2019 to 28.12 million in Q2 2019. UK household estimates are taken directly from UK Government figures. These were previously reported by the Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government; from 2019, they have been reported by the Office for National Statistics, which has lower growth in its forecasts.

Source: BARB

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