iOS developer Guilherme Rambo tweeted that he had spotted lines of code within the iOS system powering the Homepod that refer to an Apple TV capable of supporting not only 4K resolution and high dynamic range video, but also the Dolby Vision premium HDR solution and, even more intriguingly, the HLG version of HDR set to be used by broadcasters.

By adding Dolby Vision alongside support for the industry standard HDR10 format, the new Apple TV will deliver video capabilities which at least rival the Chromecast Ultra, and better than the Roku Ultra and Amazon Fire TV.

The apparent HLG support, meanwhile, suggests much more interest in integrating broadcasting-related solutions and features into the next Apple TV than we’ve seen with any previous Apple TV generation.

The only important omission from the apparent HDR support is Samsung’s recently announced HDR10+ format, which, like Dolby Vision, adds a dynamic layer of extra information to the core HDR stream to help TVs deliver better picture quality. Samsung TVs are currently the only products supporting  HDR10+.

Rambo is an iOS developer at Brazil-based PeixelUrbano, developer of the unofficial WWDC app for macOS, would seem to suggest that the launch of the next improved Apple TV is not far off.


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