Digital One’s national commercial DAB network has benefited from four new transmitters in the first couple of months of this year.
The enhancements are part of an on-going process to strengthen digital radio coverage in areas of the UK where current signals are not very robust. Although the sites are unlikely to greatly increase the number of people that can receive the network, they will give listeners more reliable reception.

The four transmitters are located at:

  • High Hunsley – covering Central Hull and surrounding area
  • Dunkirk – covering North Kent coastal areas
  • Brown Carrick Hill – covering Ayr and the immediate area
  • Glasgow William Street – covering Central Glasgow

The Digital One national commercial network currently covers around 90% of the UK population using more than 155 transmitters. It carries a wide range of radio stations.
A fifth transmitter is planned for later this year. Once it has been added, we’ll update this site with details of its location.

Local digital radio networks are also profiting from additional transmitters. This programme of works has been agreed between the DCMS, BBC and commercial radio. It results in numerous sites currently being added across the country. The aim is to ensure that local DAB digital radio coverage is akin to local FM coverage. Further details on this programme can be found on the Ofcom website.

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