youviewYouView has released the first of series of updates, aimed at improved accessibility for blind and partially sighted viewers as well as viewers with impaired motor and cognitive skills. The initial update includes the option of changing the blue and black guide into high-contrast black and white, making it easier for visually impaired users to read the text in the YouView guide.
The mini screen TV in the top right hand corner of the programme guide can now also be switched of, allowing for easier navigation for consumers with cognitive impairments.

The update is initially only available on YouView set-top boxes which have been purchase at retail outlets, however those who recieve YouView from BT or TalkTalk will be able to download accessibility updates in due course, according to YouView.

Susie Buckridge, director of product at YouView said, “We want everyone across the UK to be able to enjoy their favourite TV via YouView and to do this we understand how important it is to for YouView to be accessible. We have worked closely with the RNIB and Scope to ensure everything we add will allow the YouView journey to be seamless and easy as possible for all of our customers.”

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By Expat