youview IdentFreeview/IPTV hybrid TV platform YouView is rolling out a new software update for its boxes. Beginning from today and over the next two weeks with Humax boxes bought in shops and with BT YouView boxes, the update seeks to rectify issues with the previous software and add enhancements such as an improved search function for programmes that are on now and next.
TalkTalk TV YouView boxes will be updated “shortly afterwards”, according to YouView. The update is automatic – no intervention is required.

This software introduces a number of enhancements and new features:
An enhancement to searching for programmes that are on now and next; Search Suggestions will return results matching the exact search term used.
Channel Filters in the Guide; Choose from a range of filters in the Guide and apply these to easily get to the type of viewing that interests you.
This software also fixes a number of issues reported by YouView viewers, namely:
Subtitles appearing ahead of time during playback of recorded programmes.
The Fast-forward/Rewind/Skip buttons getting stuck during Live TV and recorded programmes.
“Sorry that’s not working” is displayed when attempting to set a recording through the Guide.
Audio crackling on Live TV and On Demand programmes.
A black screen is displayed when exiting the CBeebies Tubes Game by pressing the yellow button.
Network error or loss of connectivity whilst seeking within an On Demand programme causes the box to become unresponsive.
Loading a Player from the On Demand section can result in a YVM-105 error message and the Player fails to load.
Connecting your YouView box to your mobile device fails because no code is displayed.
A small number of images not appearing in search results.
YouView box owners can check if they have the latest version by pressing the YouView button on the remote control, navigating to Settings > System Information > Software Versions.

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By Expat