youview globeYouView has published its final core technical specification for launch and announced further device partners.
The YouView Core Technical Specification references the Digital TV Group’s D-Book 7 and provides a set of technologies to enable the delivery of broadcast and IP enabled content onto a television set via a broadband connected device.
According to YouView any manufacturer will be able to use the specification to bring products to market sharing the same underlying technologies as a YouView device. It will also give those manufacturers interested in developing and deploying a device under the YouView brand a broad understanding of what will be required.

YouView has also announced a further group of device partners, Huawei, Manhattan, Pace and Vestel, that are involved in developing YouView devices, following its call for expressions of interest in August 2010.
These device partners join Cisco, Humax and Technicolor, who have already committed to developing YouView set top boxes.
“All of these companies have demonstrated expertise in bringing consumer electronics products to market, with wide reach and strong brands. I look forward to working with them all as we continue to strengthen the YouView ecosystem to bring more choice to consumers.” said Richard Halton, CEO, YouView.

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By Expat