youviewToday YouView announced today that it is on its way to reaching 400,000 homes across the UK. On demand viewing statistics released for the first also revealed that over 2.2 million videos get played on demand each week, with around 60% of YouView consumers viewing VOD programmes every week with an average of 7 programmes a week being watched.
YouView recently announced an Android version of its YouView app to be released in the next few weeks as well as the addition of Internet Channels to its services in the summer.

Richard Halton, CEO YouView said, “We’ve had a great start and we’re delighted to have received such a positive response from consumers. Seamless access to content is at the heart of the YouView proposition and we are delighted to announce that internet channels are set to launch this summer as well as the extension of our app strategy to the Android platform. YouView is taking catch-up TV into the mainstream.”

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By Expat