Virgin 1 has unveiled a brand identity themed on the concept of “reclaiming red.” The logo, will be used in marketing and advertising and also in on-air idents that will showcase a “rednetic energy” taking in other red objects such as ketchup bottles and telephone boxes.

“We hope that our fresh approach to creating the channel identity will spill onto the screen and that we can engage viewers by giving them something that looks amazing but is also witty and a little bit out of the ordinary,” said Virgin Media Television head of marketing Jon King. “We’re incredibly happy with the logo design and excited about our big idea – reclaiming red – which gives us a lot of scope at launch and beyond.”

Conkerco and graphic designer Andrew Fairhurst developed the creative concept. Steve Lewis, Virgin 1’s creative director, said: “Rather than following the traditional agency route we have formed an unconventional collaboration between our creative team and the conkerco team, and we’re delighted to be working with the support of Academy films, renowned as the home of directing talent such as Jonathan Glazer.”

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By Expat