Vintage TV has left the Freesat platform, the channel was removed from the  service on Thursday, with Vintage TV blaming Freesat’s new charging structure and urging viewers to contact the UK’s broadcast regulator Ofcom to complain. However, Freesat says the fees have been lowered.

From Thursday 17th May, Vintage TV will no longer be available on freesat. This decision has not been made lightly. Freesat’s new charging policy fails to address the commercial constraints on small, independent channels like ours. To continue providing Vintage TV on Freesat would result in us having less money to invest in making British programmes, so there would be fewer opportunities for music talent to be seen and heard on TV.

If you are unhappy with Vintage TV coming off Freesat, please direct your complaints to Ofcom by visiting To find out how you can watch the channel in other ways, please visit

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By Expat