Gary Davey, MD Content Europe for Sky, told delegates attending his keynote speech in the Sony UHD Theatre at MIPCOM that Ultra HD has been a big success in the UK, and that Germany and Italy will follow with a Sky Q proposition in the next year.

Davey said UHD was in the top three reasons for people upgrading to Sky Q, which costs an extra £12 (€13.50) a month and that Sky UK had made over 1,000 hours of 4K content so far. “Our concern, particularly with live football was handling the data – it is amazing how quickly this has been overcome, we recently did a live music festival and there will be much more of that kind of event television to come.”

He confirmed there will an increased budget for UHD (non-sport) original content next year across all genres and commented that the incremental cost of producing in UHD had fallen very fast and was continuing to fall. Davey said all UHD content was being graded for HDR and all versions were being tested in the lab.

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By Expat