Rio Olympics 2016NBC in the United States is leading the way here The network plans to broadcast hundreds of hours of ultra HD coverage during the Rio Games.
It will cover athletics, swimming, men’s football, and judo using the technology, which is four times high definition. However, there will be on a 24-hour time delay, given the processing time required to produce the UHD footage.

Viewers will need a 4K ready television to watch the action. Prices start at around $300 (£224) for a 4K in the US.

The BBC will be testing 4K behind closed doors during the Olympics, meaning it will not be available to the British public. The BBC is expected to launcha a UHD channel in 2017.

Super High-Vision 8K
NHK will air the footage to the public at its broadcasting centres around Japan. The ambition is to build the technology’s profile ahead of the 2020 Games in Tokyo.
8K, is 16 times better than HD and many see it as the future of television.

The BBC experimented with 8K alongside NHK in 2012 and even showcased some footage of events, such as the opening ceremony, to members of the public after the Olympics.

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