The UHD Alliance, that vast consortium of content producers, electronics manufacturers and TV makers, is making sure that 4K HDR video can have some high quality standards for the next generations of ultra HD smartphones, laptops, PCs and tablets. The organization is doing this through a new spec that’s basically a mobile device version of the “UHD Premium” standard for 4K TVs.

The UHD Alliance is one of the main organizations behind the standards for quality high dynamic range in today’s premium HDR 4K TVs and it has been behind these standards since late 2015. In fact, the HDR10 high dynamic range standard that’s used to master HDR video and display support in today’s content and 4K HDR displays is based almost entirely on Ultra HD Premium standards..

Thus, it should be no surprise that the UHD Alliance is now going after 4K mobile devices as well with yet another standard that’s related to the older version. This new spec is unsurprisingly called “Mobile HDR Premium” and works as a sort of certification label for tablets, phones and laptops that meet the minimum specs necessary for the delivery of 4K UHD resolution and HDR combined in the latest mobile devices.

These specs were announced on Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and will go into effect throughout 2017.

This new Mobile HDR Premium certification will be applied to numerous 4K mobile display devices and of course to content as well. Since the companies which actually make up the UHD Alliance itself include LG, Samsung, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and content producers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and several major movie studios, the response should be quick in getting Mobile HDR Premium actually implemented in both 4K HDR content sources and the mobile UHD display devices this content is destined to reach.

Specifically, the (for now still very few) tablets, laptops and phones that come with 4K and HDR display specs will start coming with a publicized Mobile HDR Premium certification and the same will apply to content specially mastered for these types of mobile devices.One very recent example of an HDR 4K smartphone being the Sony Xperia XZ Premium phone that was also unveiled at MWC 2017 this week.

The same sort of standards will also apply to 4K camera recording in a more indirect way and the UHD Alliance is fully expecting ultra HD video entertainment with high dynamic range of some kind or another to only grow in quantity over the coming years. The HDR10 system that Ultra HD Premium standards most closely support isn’t guaranteed to be the dominant spec for this new type of video but so far it remains the more popular HDR standard.

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