freeviewhdTVonics’ latest Freeview+ HD PVR comes with a 500GB hard drive and twin tuners for dual recording. An 8 day EPG is supported by full Freeview+ functionality including series link recording. The manufacturer has also issued a software update for all its HD recorders that enables keyword searching of the EPG and recordings library using an onscreen virtual keyboard which can be downloaded from the support forum on the TVonics website.

The DTR-Z500HD can upscale broadcasts to 1080p via HDMI and has two HDMI inputs and one output enabling it to be used as a hub for connecting other HDMI-equipped devices to your TV. Other connectors include two USB ports for picture display from external storage and software updates and an Ethernet port.
Priced at £224.99, the DTR-Z500HD comes with a two year warranty.

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By Expat