UKTV PlayUKTV Play is a video on demand service owned by UKTV, launched in August 2014. The service offers catch-up programming from UKTV’s channels including Dave, Yesterday, Really and Drama.
A UK ip address is required. You are required to create an account to use UKTV Play.
Programmes are proceeded by around two and a half minutes of adverts that can not be skipped.

Only four of UKTV’s channels are available on UKTV Play; Dave, Drama, Really and Yesterday. That said, UKTV Play does offer a good selection of series available with each having a variable range of episodes including some entire box-sets.

The UKTV Play website is well laid out, content can easily be found via Channel, A-Z, Collections and even an EPG tab, which shows the linear television schedule along with access to available on-demand content.


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Bitrates on UKTV Play

UKTV Play on Bitrate ViewerUKTV Play offers standard definition streams with an average bitrate of  1802 kbps. Video quality can be a little blurred at full-screen. At this bitrate, video quality should be a bit sharper, it appears to be lower than standard definition.

Codec: H264 MPEG-4 AVC
Resolution: 720×416
Display Resolution 720×404
Frame Rate: 25
UKTV Play Codec InformationDecoded Format: Planar 4:2:0 YYU
Minimum Bitrate: 91 kbps
Average Bitrate: 1802 kbps
Maximum Bitrate: 4331 kbps

Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Codec Profile: AAC LC (Low Complexity)
Channels: Stereo
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Average Bitrate: 128 kbps AAC (This can vary between 120-133 kbps)



UKTV Play AppYou can access UKTV Play on YouView, Amazon Fire TV, Virgin Media, Freeview Play and BT TV (BT subscribers with a YouView box can find Dave, Really, Yesterday and Drama shows in the YouView UKTV Play player).
And if you’re an M+ subscriber on Virgin Media, or a BT TV subscriber, shows from other UKTV channels – Gold, W, Alibi, Good Food, Home and Eden – are on the menu as well.
On demand content from UKTV is also available on Sky and Now TV.
UKTV Play can also be accessed via your desktop computer, where you can watch the full UKTV Play library on both Mac and PCs.

UKTV Play can be accessed on the following platforms:

UKTV PlayThe UKTV Play app is available for Android mobiles and tablets running Android 4.3 and above.
Unfortunately the UKTV Play app is  unavailable on the following devices:
Tesco Hudl (1 & 2)
Sony Ericsson phones & tablets
Alcatel One Touch phones
Pre-2015 Kindle devices

Apple iOS
You can watch  UKTV Play on the iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 and above.

Amazon Fire
You can also watch UKTV Play on your TV using the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.
Simply use the Amazon Fire TV remote to select Search from the Home screen, then use the on-screen keyboard to find and download the UKTV Play app.
You can also press the Voice button on the remote and search that way instead.

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