What is Sky HD?
With Sky HD you can experience television in sharper detail, more vibrant colours and superb quality sound. Plus you get all the flexibility of Sky+ such as record, pause, rewind and series link, a hand-picked collection of the week’s unmissable TV in HD with Sky Anytime.

What do I need to get Sky HD?
All you need to enjoy Sky HD is an HD ready TV (make sure it has the ‘HD ready’ logo), a Sky HD box and the HD Pack. Then, to watch programmes in stunning high definition, you’ll need to select one of your available HD channels.

What format do Sky’s HD channels broadcast in?
The highest format of high definition TV broadcast in the UK is 1080i, with Sky HD supporting both this and the 720p HD format. Each HD channel chooses which format is best for their programmes.

How to activate a Sky viewing card
skycardOnce the Sky HD receiver has been installed insert the Sky card into the slot at the front of the receiver; there are two ways to activate the Sky viewing card: Sky’s Customer services on 08702404020 You will be asked for the serial number and version number of the receiver along with the viewing card number.
To obtain these details go to the “Services” menu, then “System Setup”, and “System Details”. One important point to remember is, that a “Wakeup Signal” is sent out to all cards from time to time. If your receiver is disconnected from the mains for a period of time and not in “Standby”, your card may no longer function and require re-activation.
If for some reason you need to change your Sky receiver, you will have to call Sky’s Customer Services to have your viewing card “Married” to your new receiver. Freesat from Sky cards will work in all receivers, though you will have to give your receiver’s detail to Sky when activating the card.

Activate your card via an Ethernet (Internet) connection in the UK
1.Using your Sky remote control, press the service button. You then need to press the right arrow once to go to the settings tab. Now, press select and the picture option will be selected.
2. Using your keypad, type 0 then 1 and then press select.
3. The set-up tab should now be highlighted. Press 6 on your keypad to go to install (this will change to new install once selected) and press select.
4. Simply follow the on-screen instructions until the message installation complete is displayed and then press select to continue. Your viewing card has now been activated, in some instances, it may take up to four hours for subscription channels to appear. To confirm the viewing card has been successfully activated turn to an encrypted channel, such as Sky One, Sky Sports, where you should be able to see the programme.

How to re-activate (Wake up) a Sky Viewing Card
All active viewing cards, Freesat from Sky (FSFS) or subscription require regular “keep alive/Wake up ” signals from the satellite. Your receiver should be left in standby at regular intervals, to ensure the viewing card receives the “keep alive/Wake up ” signals, otherwise, the card will go to sleep. Leave the Sky+ HD receiver in Standby with the viewing card inserted, it can take some time (up to 72 hours) to wake up.

What is the Sky PIN Code?
Sky+ HD PVRs, make use of a PIN code to control viewing of inappropriate content and to protect recorded material on Sky+ and Sky+ HD receivers. Your PIN Code is initially set to the last 4 digits on your Sky viewing Card. Here are some of the options that your Sky PIN Code can be used for:
Restrict/Unrestrict U, PG, 12, 15 or 18 programmes
Remove Adult Channels Channel restrictions: Option to Lock/Unlock each channel or lock after 8 pm
Prompt for a PIN on Pre-Watershed Playback
Prompt for PIN entry before going online
PIN Protect Kept Programmes
Spending Restriction PIN required for purchases over £x

To change or disable parental control options, go to ‘Services’, ‘Parental Control’, enter your four-digit PIN code and select ‘Other restrictions’. Here you will find the option to enable/disable PIN prompts when trying to play back a programme before watershed (Sky+/Sky+HD), to demand PIN entry before going online, PIN-protecting recorded programmes on Sky+, and to set spending restrictions. If you have forgotten your Sky PIN, you will need to contact Sky Customer Services and have them to reset the code over-the-air. You can also reset your PIN online at
Go to Sky Help Centre, look under How to… and choose ‘Manage your Sky viewing PIN’.

How do I add other ITV/ITV HD regions?
itv-rescueOnly your default ITV region will be listed on Sky’s EPG on channel 103. The region you receive is dictated by your postal code.
It is not possible to change your postcode, this information is stored on your Sky viewing card.

It can only be changed by Sky when you change address.

To watch the other regions, you must add them all manually by doing the following:
1. Press Services on your Sky HD remote.
2. Press 4 – System Setup.
3. Press 4 – Add Channels.
4. Type in the correct frequency, polarisation, symbol rate and FEC and press Find channels.
5. To save, highlight the desired region(s), and press the yellow button.
6. Press Select on your remote, when complete.
To view the other ITV regions, do the following:
1. Press Services.
2. Press 6 – Other Channels.
3. Choose the desired region and press Select.

Do I need a Sky viewing card to watch the BBC HD services, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD & Channel 5 HD?
All BBC, ITV, Channel 4 (with the exception of 4Music) and Channel 5 standard definition channels are Free-To-Air (FTA), as are BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD and Channel 4 HD.
You can use any HD satellite receiver to view all these channels, you do not require a viewing card, subscription or a Sky HD receiver.
ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD, ITV4 HD and Channel 5 HD are all subscription channels and only available with a Sky HD subscription.

What is Free-To-Air (FTA)?
Free To Air services, are not encrypted and require no card or subscription for viewing. All of the BBC’s domestic TV and radio services are FTA, as are most services from ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

What is Free To View (FTV)?
Free To View channels do not require a subscription, the channels are however encrypted and require a card. 4Music and LFC TV are FTV channels. Cards to view these channels are available under Sky’s Freesat option, cards cost £25.

How do I force a Software download on Sky HD?
updateTo force a software download, do the following:
1. Switch the receiver off at the mains.
2. Press and hold the Backup button on the front of the receiver (not on the remote control).
3. Keep the Backup button held and power up the receiver.
4. After about 5-10 seconds all the lights on the front display will light up.
5. Now release the backup button and you will see the following on-screen message:

Updating System Software Do not disconnect from mains supply or dish This may take up to 10 minutes

After about 10 minutes your receiver will switch back into standby mode. Sky+ HD receivers are usually updated automatically by an Over The Air (OTA) update, a forced download should only ever be necessary if the receiver has been disconnected (not in standby), for some time.

What is the Default Transponder?
When a Sky+ HD receiver is first switched on it will look for the “Default Transponder”. This is transponder 4, frequency 11.778 Vertical polarisation, Symbol Rate 27.5. FEC 2/3. This is where Sky’s Electronic Programme Guide or EPG is situated.

What is Videoguard?
NDS-videoguardNDS Videoguard is the Conditional Access System (CAS), used by Sky for encrypting channels on the Sky Digital platform. The Videoguard encryption system is “embedded”, built into Sky receivers, there are at present, no Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) available for the Videoguard system used by Sky Digital.
Versions of NDS Videoguard are used by many satellite platforms worldwide. 

How can I get Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound with HD?
Many HD programmes are broadcast in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, delivering top quality audio to accompany your HD picture. In order to immerse yourself in surround sound, you will need a compatible home cinema system.

What do you get with Sky HD?
• HD picture quality
• Up to five times more picture detail and incredibly vibrant colour
• Superb quality sound
• Access to HD channels, in line with your Sky TV package – more than anyone else in the UK
• All the features of Sky+ with even more storage space
• Remote Record from your smartphone or online
• A hand-picked collection of the week’s TV, ready to watch when you are with Sky Anytime

Will I be able to record programmes in HD?
Yes – you can record up to 60 hours of high definition shows, or up to 185 hours of standard definition programmes. The Sky+HD box has all the Sky+ features built in, so you can pause and rewind live TV, record selected series at the touch of a button, record two programmes at once and even set your Sky+HD box to record shows from your smartphone or via with Remote Record.
You must have a subscription to record or pay an extra fee if you have Freesat from Sky.

What are the features of the Sky HD TV guide?
• The Now, Next and Later banner shows you information for all programmes on all channels, up to 12 hours ahead
• The Mini TV allows you to search the TV listings without having to miss a moment of the programme you’re watching
• Record and Series Link straight from the TV listings without having to go back to your Planner
• The Series Stack feature makes it even easier to manage the recordings in your Planner
• The Search function allows you to search by programme title, genre or sub-genre

Will I need to subscribe to Sky TV or the HD Pack to watch all the HD channels?
BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBBC HD, CBeebies HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD are free-to-air and available without any subscriptions.
To watch these HD channels you will need a Sky+HD box and an HD ready TV.

Are all the programmes on Sky’s HD channels be in high definition?
Some channels, such as Sky Movies Showcase HD, show all films in high definition. You can check if a particular programme is available in HD by checking the programme information using your on-screen Sky TV guide. Channel 4 HD and Channel 5 HD display an HD logo when an HD programme is being broadcast.

How do I know which channels broadcast programmes in HD?
All channels broadcasting in high definition have ‘HD’ at the end of their name. Press TV Guide on your remote, then press 2 (HD) to see all the HD channels grouped together.

Can I watch TV shows on demand?
Yes, once you have Sky HD you can watch a collection of the week’s TV with Sky Anytime, at no extra cost. Watch the latest movies, exclusive new shows and more, ready to watch when you are. The programmes you can watch will depend on your Sky TV package. A broadband connection is required to use Sky Anytime.

Can I record Sky Box Office movies?
You can use Sky HD to record movies on Sky Box Office and store them for up to seven days. You will only be charged once you start to watch the film and you have 24 hours to finish watching before the film is automatically deleted from your Sky+HD box. During this 24 hour period, you can watch the movie as many times as you like.

How will my Sky HD box be installed?
When you order Sky TV, you will be asked to choose a date for a Sky engineer to come and install your Sky HD box. On your chosen installation day, the Sky engineer will discuss where to put a minidish on the outside of your home, connect your equipment and show you how to use Sky TV and your Sky HD box.

Will I need a special dish to watch TV in HD?
Sky TV customers receive digital quality pictures and sound through their mini-dish so, once your dish and Sky HD box has been set-up, you will not need an aerial or any additional equipment installed. When you order your Sky HD box, you’ll be asked to select a convenient date for an engineer to install any cabling and set-up your box.

I am already a Sky TV customer. How will my Sky HD box be installed?
If you have a standard Sky box, you will need to have some extra cabling installed, Sky HD requires to cables to be connected to a dual output LNB on your satellite dish.

How is the Sky HD box connected to the TV?
Sky HD boxes come with an HDMI cable, which delivers the best possible picture quality by maintaining a digital connection. Most new HD ready TVs come with HDMI connectors.

How many HDMI connectors does a Sky+HD box have?
The Sky HD box has one HDMI connector.

Where is Autoview on Sky HD?
Autoview is not available on Sky HD, only on standard Sky receivers.

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