Sky+ HD – TV Guide

tvguide1To enter this section, press the TV GUIDE button on your Sky remote.
The TV Guide is split into a number of different genres, only the first six are shown, when you first load the TV Guide. Use the UP and DOWN keys to move through the TV Guide.
Press the BACK UP key to choose a different genre.

Move the ARROW keys left or right for more options, use the coloured keys for more options. The ALL CHANNELS section, will give you full programme listings for the next seven days, for all the TV channels listed on Sky’s Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).If you find a programme you would like to view, that has not already started, simply highlight the desired programme and press select. The programme will then be added to your Planner. Remember, you can find a certain type of programme quicker, by choosing one of the genre options available.

To view a programme that is currently being broadcast, press SELECT on your remote control. Navigation through all the menus is done by using the arrow keys to move up or down, left and right.


Sky+ HD Remote

The coloured keys on your Sky Remote are also part of the navigation system under TV GUIDE and have the following functions:
RED – Sky Anytime
GREEN – Planner
YELLOW Favourites
BLUE – Search


Personal Planner

tvguide2Planner, is where you add the programmes you want to view or record on Sky+HD. There are a couple of very useful features to be found here.
There are two ways to add desired programmes to your planner, the first is to use the various genre or ALL CHANNELS options, then press select.

The other option is to add a programme listed on a channels EPG listings for the present day. Use the arrow keys to move to the desired programme that has not already started the press SELECT. Your programme can now be found listed in your Personal Planner, to view your saved programme, press TV GUIDE, then the GREEN button on your remote.

NOTE: Sky+HD receivers do not have the AUTOVIEW option found on standard Sky receivers.
Pressing the GREEN button will create a Series Link if one is available, this saves you having to add the same programme again.

A very useful option if you are following a series or soap or see the same programme at a certain time every day. To delete saved programme in your Planner, press the YELLOW button.

Before your programme begins, a Personal Planner – Reminder will appear.
Press SELECT to change channels to view the programme or press BACK UP to cancel Unlike standard Sky receivers, there is no AUTOVIEW option available.

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