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Press Services on your Sky Remote to access many more features, telephone numbers, Parental Control options, System Setup, Favourite Channels and much more.
This is the area where you can customise you Sky Digital receiver, picture and sound settings, add and view ‘Other Channels’, those such as other ITV regions not listed on Sky’s Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).
This is where you can access the INSTALLERS MENU.
The Services section is split into two main sections; OPTIONS and SETTINGS, each section contains a number of sub-sections.
NOTE: For this guide, MINI TV MODE has been switched off. To turn this option on or off choose SERVICES, OPTIONS and then CUSTOMISE.


Pressing SERVICES on your remote will take you directly to the OPTIONS section. Use the down ARROW key to enter a sub-section, this will then be highlighted in orange.
The following options are available:

Use the right ARROW key o go to the SETTINGS section Using the coloured buttons on the remote will quickly take you to the following:
RED Sky Anytime
GREEN Personal Planner
Search The top menu provides access to many more options on your Sky+ HD receiver The current time and date is displayed at the top right-hand corner of the screen

Sky+ Setup
The following options are available under the SKY+ SETUP:
Disk Space Management (Automatic, Warning, Manual)
Instant Rewind (5 Mins, 15 Mins, 30 Mins, 60 Mins, Off)
Add to Start of Recording (Automatic, 1 MIN, 2 Mins, 5 Mins, 10 Mins)
Add to End of Recording (Automatic, 1 MIN, 2 Mins, 5 Mins, 10 Mins)
Front Panel Indicator (Standard, Demo, Off)
Auto Standby (On, Off)
Once you have made any changes press GREEN to save

The following options are available under SUBTITLES:
Audio Description (On, Off)
Favourite Language (English, French, German, Spanish, Scots, Welsh, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Bengali, Russian
Highlights Programmes (Audio Description, Subtitles, Off)
Beep on Audio Description (On, Off)
Once you have made any changes press GREEN to save

You can save up to 50 TV or radio channels on your Sky+ HD receiver.
Favourite channels can be easily accessed by pressing the BLUE button on your Sky+ HD remote.
The favourite channel will have a tick on the programme information banner. Highlight the channel you want to at to your FAVOURITES list.
Press the YELLOW button to save the channel to your list.
Once you have chosen all the channels you want to add to your list, press the GREEN button to save.

Manual Recording
MANUAL RECORDING is a bit of a strange option to include.
There seems to be no real use for it, far easier to just set a recording through the TV Guide.
Press SELECT for recording option.Type in the channel number and name.
Choose the day, start and end times.
Finally, choose how often you want to record.
Press YELLOW to add a recording. If you do not have a Sky subscription or pay to use the recording & playback features, MANUAL RECORDING is not available.

Other Channels
OTHER CHANNELS allows you to view channels not present on Sky’s EPG, like other ITV regions, or test channels.
All BBC One and BBC Two regions are listed on the Sky EPG.
Your default region is decided by your postcode. This information is stored on your viewing card.Highlight the channel to be viewed and press SELECT.
To delete a saved channel, press YELLOW to remove.
Both radio and TV channels can be added to the list. Channels viewed through ‘OTHER CHANNELS’, will only show Now and Next listing.
To return to normal EPG viewing, press the SERVICES key, then BACK UP on your remote.

Add Channels
Type in the frequency, polarisation, Symbol Rate (SR) and FEC.
Press YELLOW to scan or RED to reset Symbol Rate and FEC.
Once you leave this menu it will revert to the Default Transponder frequency.
Once scanning has started, it can be cancelled by pressing BACK UP. Highlight the channel you want to save, then press the YELLOW key to store.
Channels that have already been added have a white tick displayed next to the channel.
Once you have selected all the channels from the list, press SELECT to complete.
Channel line-up complete, press SELECT to continue.

View Other Channels
To view, go to OTHER CHANNELS.
Press SELECT to view. YELLOW to remove.
Manually added channels only display now and next information.
Interactive services such as the RED button, are not available.

Telephone Numbers
Listed on this page are telephone numbers of all the broadcasters that are available on Sky.

The following options are available under CUSTOMISE:
Mini TV Mode (On, Off)

On-Screen Icon Timeout (On, Off)
Search and Scan Banner Timeout (0, 5, 10 Seconds)
Highlight Programmes Originated in HD (On, Off)
Enable Anytime (On, Off)
Message Alert (On, Off)
Beep On Error (On, Off)

Mini TV Mode
Once Mini TV Mode has been enabled, the last viewed channel can be viewed while browsing through Sky Guide.
Information on using your Sky+ HD receiver.
Use the ch+ and ch- buttons to scroll up and down a page at a time.
It is possible to navigate more quickly through the horizontal menus by using the number keys on your remote.
View 11 channels on one page in your TV Guide by turning the Mini TV Mode to off.

Press Services on your Sky Remote to access many more features, telephone numbers, Parental Control options, System Setup, Favourite Channels and much more.
This is the area where you can customise your Sky receiver, picture and sound settings, add and view ‘Other Channels’, those such as other ITV regions not listed on Sky’s Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). It is also through this section where you can access the Installer setup if you should have cause to do so. The following options are available under Settings:

Picture Settings:
Scart/RF1 Picture Format (4:3, 4:3L, 16:9)
RF2 Picture Format ( (4:3, 4:3L, 16:9)
Scart Control (On, Off)
Scart Video Output (PAL, RGB)
Contrast (Low, Medium, High)
HD Resolution Output (Automatic, 576, 720p, 1080i)

Sound Settings:
Audio Output (Stereo/Mono)
Digital Audio Output (Dolby D, Normal)
Digital Audio Output Delay (0 – 200ms

System Details
Under System details you can find the following information about your Sky receiver:
Model Number
Version Number
Serial Number (the individual number on your Sky+ HD receiver)
Viewing Card Number
Operating System Version
EPG Software Version

Under SIGNAL, you can check to see if your receiver is correctly connected to the satellite dish.
This is the signal of the ‘Default Transponder’, this is where Sky’s EPG is broadcast, along with the background music. If your receiver is not showing this information, then there is a problem either with your receiver, LNB, cable or dish. Check your connections and dish alignment.
Sky+ HD receivers have two independent tuners, each should be connected to its own output on a dual output LNB.

System Health Check runs a series of diagnostic tests and returns an error code for any problems found and a report code for things such as signal strength and quality.
It does not actually fix any problems and is not intended for unsupported customer use.
Your Sky+ HD receiver must be connected to a UK landline to use this option.

Installer Menu
Installer Menu is not listed under SERVICES.
To access the Installer Menu, do the following:
1. Press Services on your Sky remote.
2. Press 4 (System Setup).
3. Press 0.
4. Press 1.
5. Press Select.
You should now see the menu shown on the left.
SETUP options include:
Low Band LO Frequency (GHz)
High Band LO Frequency (GHz)
LNB Power Supply (On, Off)
22KHz Command (On, Off)
Single Feed Mode (On, Off)
Default Transponder
The Default Transponder is where Sky broadcast their Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), it is also where Sky send the activation & deactivation signals to your Sky viewing card. The default transponder is:
Frequency: 11.778
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol Rate: (SR) 27/5
Forward Error Correction (FEC): 2/3
Telephone Settings
Telephone settings, a UK landline is required, this will give you access to the many interactive features available through your Sky+ HD receiver, like voting, receiving emails, playing games, paying bills and if you want to use Sky Box Office to order PPV films or sporting events. TELEPHONE SETTING options are:
Dialling Type (Tone, Pulse) By default the dialling type is set to Tone
Dialling Prefix
RF Outlets
RF Outlets, lets you change the channel your receiver uses on your TV if it should clash with another TV channel or Video etc. This is for your coaxial cable connection, viewing through an HDMI cable will give a far superior picture and sound. RF OUTLET options:
RF Channel Number (UHF channels 21 -69)
RF Outlet Power Supply (On, Off)
Manual Tuning
The frequency listed on Manual Tuning is the Default Transponder.
Once you exit this menu, it will revert once again to the Default Transponder settings.
Default Transponder: 11.778 Vertical.
Move down to the frequency and press SELECT on your Sky+ HD remote.
Now scanning, please wait.
Press BACK UP to cancel. The receiver does not actually scan for channels at this stage.
Instead, you will see an overview showing signal information.
Press SELECT to continue and scan.
New Install
To reset your Sky+ HD receiver to ‘Factory Setting’, use NEW INSTALL.
Remember that all your favourite channels and those stored under Add Channels will be lost.
Sky+ Rebuild
The Planner Rebuild process will stop all recordings currently in progress and reboot your Sky box. Recordings in your planner will not be deleted.
If there is a recording in progress you may wish to wait until the recording is complete before performing the planner rebuild. To perform a SKY+ REBUILD:

  1. Using the Sky remote control press the services button to access the menu with Options highlighted.
  2. Press the right arrow button to highlight the Settings menu and press select.
  3. Press 0, 1 then select to access the hidden Installer Setup options, you will now be highlighted on Setup.
  4. Press the right arrow button to go to Rebuild, which will become Sky+ Rebuild once highlighted, and press the select button.
  5. The on-screen message: “This will take a few minutes to complete. The rebuild will stop all recordings and reboot your Sky+” will appear. Press the select button to continue.
  6. The on-screen message: “Housekeeping please wait” will appear and take up to two minutes to clear.
  7. Once complete the set-top box will switch itself off and then back on automatically displaying the red standby light.
  8. If the set-top box continues to display “Housekeeping please wait” for longer than two minutes please carry out a power reset with the viewing card removed.
  9. Wait for 60 seconds after the red light has appeared.
System Reset
A SYSTEM RESET should only be undertaken as a last resort.
Everything will be rest to their ‘Factory Settings, all stored recordings will be deleted.
To perform a SYSTEM RESET:

  1. Press services on your Sky remote control.
  2. Highlight option 4 using the up/down arrows and press select.
  3. Press (number) 0, then 1, then select to access the Installer Menu.
  4. Highlight option 8 and press select to access the Full System Reset procedure.
  5. You will receive a warning advising you that you are about to delete everything that is currently in the planner. Press select to continue.
  6. You will see a message on your TV screen, “Housekeeping Please Wait.”
  7. After approximately two minutes the Housekeeping message will disappear and your Sky box will carry out the procedure and switch itself off and back on.
  8. Leave your Sky box on standby for one minute and then test the recording facility to confirm that this has solved your problem.

This process can take up to 2 minutes for the Housekeeping message to disappear.
If this is the first time the message has frozen, retry the Full System Reset procedure again. If this is the second time the message freezes, do not attempt the procedure again



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