Recording on Sky HD

With the Sky+ HD service, you can record up to two programmes at the same time on your receiver. All Sky+ features are available on your Sky+HD box with the relevant subscriptions.

Recording without interrupting what you’re watching

recording1To record the programme you are currently watching press the RECORD (R) button on your remote, to record something that’s on later and/or on a different channel: use the Now, Next & Later banner. When you see the programme you want, press record.
When you press record, Sky HD checks to see if the programme is part of a series and, if so, gives you the choice of recording this episode only or the remainder of the series.
Highlight Record Once or Record Series by pressing UP/DOWN keys then press SELECT.
The RECORD (R) symbol appears next to the programme title.

As long as the mini TV is turned on, you can also go into your Sky Guide pages and record programmes without interrupting what you’re watching.


Recording from Sky Guide listings

If you see something you want to record in TV Guide, Sky Anytime or Sky Box Office listings, highlight it and press record. When you press record, Sky HD checks to see if the programme is part of a series and, if so, gives you the choice of recording this episode only or the remainder of the series. Highlight Record Once or Record Series by pressing UP/DOWN.

Recording a promoted programme

options8If you see a promotional advert for a future programme(s) and you see the GREEN button to use the remind me option, you can set up a recording for that programme or series without having to search for it in TV Guide or Now, Next & Later listings. Press the GREEN button before the end of the advert to first set up a reminder, then follow the on-screen instructions to record the programme.
Recording Clash
Sky+ HD can only record two programmes at the same time. If you try to select a programme for recording and it clashes with others in your Planner, you have to choose which recordings to keep.
When three or more recordings are set, the Clash page appears, highlighting the programme you have just selected for recording.
• To cancel the previous recording and replace it with the one you have just requested, press select.
• To cancel the recording you just requested and keep the previous one, press back up.
To see where all the programmes overlap and choose from the programmes already booked, press the RED button (Advanced Options).
In the next Clash screen, choose the recording you want to cancel by highlighting it and pressing the yellow button (Cancel). Press select when you’re done.

Protect Recordings

It only takes the press of a button to delete a programme from your Planner. To avoid unplanned deletions, use the Keep option.
To protect a programme, go to your Planner. Press TV GUIDE + GREEN (Shortcut). Highlight the programme and press the blue button (Keep). The programme is now marked for Keep, shown by the blue (K) symbol: Sky Guide will not delete the recording without asking you if you are sure. When you are running out of disk space, programmes marked for Keep will not be deleted.
To further protect your recordings, you can request a PIN is entered before a kept programme can be deleted.

Cancelling current and future recordings

To cancel a current or future recording without interrupting what you are watching: browse to the programme in the Now, Next & Later banner and press record. The (R) symbol disappears.
To cancel a current or future recording straight from your Planner, highlight it and either press record to just get a reminder instead OR use the yellow button (Delete) to delete the entry completely.
To cancel a current or future recording from TV Guide listings, highlight the programme showing the (R) symbol next to it, then press record. The symbol disappears.
When you cancel a recording before the end of the programme, it appears in your Planner as Part Recorded.

Deleting existing recordings

After a recording has finished, you can delete it only from your Planner. Once a programme is deleted, you can not retrieve it.
Highlight the programme you want to delete and press YELLOW (Delete).
If the programme is protected by being marked Keep, you’re asked if you’re sure you want to delete it.
To delete a programme within a series stack, highlight the series stack and press SELECT. Then choose the programme you want to delete and press the YELLOW button.
Remember future recordings and reminders are listed outside of the series stack until the programme starts.

Recording with Remote Record

Remote Record allows you to set your Sky HD box to record from anywhere, by using an app on your phone or online.
Before you can start using Remote Record, you will need:
•a Sky+ or Sky+HD box and TV subscription
•a Sky iD Activating Remote Record:
1. Go to record and sign in using your Sky iD
2. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to link your Sky iD to your chosen Sky+ or Sky+ HD box A Sky iD is required to Remote Record from your PC or via Sky Mobile.
You do not need a Sky iD if you only want to Remote Record using text messages.
Recording requests must be made at least 30 minutes before the start of the programme.
Mobile network and internet service provider charges apply. Subject to activation and Terms & Conditions.


There are two ways to use Remote Record:
1. Go to
2. Find the programme you want to record by browsing or by using the search functions
3. Click on the programme title and then select Remote Record
4. You will receive a message to let you know your request has been sent to your Sky+ or Sky HD box A maximum of 10 requests can be sent via the TV Listings each day.

Sky+ for iPhone & Android
1.Download the Sky+ app
2. Sign in to the app using your Sky iD, and you’ll have instant access to the 7-day Sky TV channel guide
3. Find the show you want to Remote Record, then press Record
4. Your request will be sent to your Sky+ or Sky HD box

Sky+ App for Android & iOS

sky+Record, search and discover, wherever you are, on iPad and iPhone. This Sky+ app is much more than a seven day TV guide – it will help to make sure you never miss any programmes. You will find a highlights section with the top shows for the day – whether it’s the movie premiere of the week, a big sporting clash or the latest must-see drama. And if you find something you like, it will even suggest similar programmes that you might like too. There is a full seven day TV listing with all your top channels, just like the Sky TV Guide on your Sky+ box.
There is also a handy Favourites section, so you can group your much-loved channels and shows together to make your own personal TV guide. Once you have picked a show, just tap the record button and it will be on your Sky+ box – ready to watch when you get home. You can record from anywhere in the world using your iPad or iPhone.
In order to use the Remote Record feature, you will first need to set up your own Sky Remote Record account. 

Once you have set up your account, simply log in to ‘Your Profile’ from within the application and you will then be able to record your favourite programmes from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All recording requests are free of charge; however mobile network and/or WiFi charges may apply. All recordings must be made at least 30 minutes before the start of a programme.
To download the Sky+ app for iOS devices go to
To download the Sky+ app for Android devices go to

Sky ID
Sky ID is the single username and password that gives you access to the online world of Sky including managing your account online, watching Sky TV on your computer and accessing Rewards from Sky. When you join Sky as a subscriber, you get a Sky username and password. You can change the password later on, and we recommend you do this from time to time to keep your account secure.

Even before your Sky TV and/or other services have been set up, you can start tracking your order and using Sky’s online services. As a customer, you can manage your billing account online. To keep your personal and financial information secure, only subscribers or other users authorised to see this information. You can also use your Sky iD to set up Sky Email, personalised TV recommendations and other great services. So that everyone in your household can get the most from Sky, you can create, up to nine secondary accounts for the rest of the family.
To create a Sky iD, see

Recording radio channels
You can record radio channels as follows:

1 Find the radio channel you want.
2 Highlight the channel and press RECORD (R). The Manual Record screen appears.
3 If you need to, change the Channel Number/Name with the left/right arrow or by keying in the number.
4 Highlight Day and use the left/right arrow to choose the day of the recording.
5 Highlight Start Time and key in the start time of the recording with the number buttons. Use the left/right arrow to choose AM or PM. Do the same for the End Time.
6 Highlight Frequency and use the left/right arrow to choose how often you want to record the channel.
7 Press YELLOW (Add Manual Recording). The settings are saved and the radio recording is now in your Planner.

Adding extra time to the start and end of recordings
Sky+ HD automatically tries to find the best recording slot for your recorded programmes and aims to capture the entire programme even if it overruns.
You can change the automatic setting and choose to add extra minutes on either side of the scheduled recording, as follows:

1 Press SERVICES (for Options), press down then select the Sky+ Setup tab.
2 Highlight Add to Start of Recording and use the left/right arrow to choose how many minutes you want to add. Do the same for the option Add to End of Recording.
3 Press GREEN (Save Settings). With a sequence of recordings happening directly after each other, the Sky+ service may override the settings you have made.

Disk Space
The Sky HD box, it is set up to automatically delete recordings without warning if there is not enough disk space for a new recording. This means the oldest, viewed programmes in your Planner will be deleted when you run out of space to make sure future recordings can be made.
You can change this setting as follows:

1 Press services (for Options), press down then select the Sky+ Setup tab.
2 Highlight Disk Space Management and use the left/right arrow to choose: Warning if you want a warning that a programme is about to be deleted; Manual if you never want previous recordings to be deleted; future recordings will fail if there’s not enough space.
3 Press GREEN (Save Settings).

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