Sky News

Sky News is a 24-hour British and international satellite television news service with an emphasis on the UK and international news stories.
The television service places emphasis on rolling news, including the latest breaking news. Sky News is a content provider for news services in the UK and around the world.
In addition to the domestic television channel, Sky News UK also hosts localised versions of the channel: Sky News Australia and Sky News Arabia.

Sky News UK is also offered in an international version without the British adverts under the name Sky News International available in Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States.

It operates Sky News Radio which provides news for all commercial radio stations in the UK, many of them as the news provider for Independent Radio News (IRN). Sky News also provides content for Yahoo! News and is available on Apple TV, and Roku.



Sky News International

Sky News is also shown internationally, under the name Sky News International, and can often be seen in hotels as well as being offered by some cable and satellite providers as part of their English-language line-up.

The international version is shown as free-to-air on Astra 1L at 19.2° east. It is also carried encrypted on a number of satellites for international reception–including but not limited to Hot Bird, Nilesat, Amos 1 and Intelsat 10-02. It is also usually carried on cable systems in Europe, particularly in Northern Europe.

Sky News HD

Sky launched a high definition version of Sky News on 6 May 2010 to coincide with the 2010 UK election results. In the build-up to this launch, they upgraded their studios and several bureax both in the UK and around the world to be able to broadcast in HD.
Sky News HD is not currently available Free-To-Air in Europe or in any other region, it is offered as part of Pay-TV packages.


Sky News Radio

Sky News Radio is the radio arm of the Sky News division of British Sky Broadcasting. It has been operating since June 1999, providing a news bulletin service for UK commercial radio stations operators across the UK and for a number of English-speaking radio stations across the world.
The Sky News Radio feed is available FTA on the Astra 2A satellite at 28.2° East on the following frequency labelled SNR:
12.207. Vertical
SR: 27500
FEC: 2/3 


Sky News is available Free-To-Air (FTA) on the following satellites in Europe:

Astra 2A at 28.2° Eastastra2asouth
Sky News UK

Transponder 26 – 12.207 Vertical
SR: 27500
FEC: 2/3
Beam: Southern European Beam
EPG: 7 day EPG available on Sky & Freesat

astra-1lAstra 1L at 19.2° East
Sky News International
Transponder 111 – 12.604 Horizontal
SR: 22000
FEC: 5/6
Beam: Europe

MATLAB Handle GraphicsThor 5 at 0.8°West
Sky News International

Transponder 37 – 12418 Vertical
SR: 28000
FEC: 7/8
Beam: THOR 5 – T2 (Europe)
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