skySky has confirmed that its forthcoming Sky 3D TV service, which is to launch later this year, will be compatible with ‘3D Ready TVs’ being launched in the UK and Ireland during 2010.
According to a statement from Sky, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony will all announce an intention to introduce ‘3D Ready’ TVs this year, and Sky’s 3D service will be compatible with all of their respective 3D TV products.
Sky+HD customers can use their existing set top box to receive 3D TV as long as they upgrade their TV set.
Brian Lenz, Sky’s Director of Product Design & TV Product Development, said: “Our HD customers already have a 3D capable set-top box, so if they are interested in experiencing TV in a third dimension, the good news is that they’ll have a range of 3D Ready TVs to choose from.

This is a great example of Sky and TV manufacturers taking the initiative to ensure there is no confusion over formats.
By working together with set manufacturers, we want to provide a hassle free way for consumers to enjoy 3D TV.”
Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing Home Entertainment, LG Electronics UK, adds: “No one can escape the buzz and excitement around 3D. We’re witnessing the start of dramatic change in how we view TV—the dawn of a new dimension. This year will see LG’s first 3D Ready TVs hit the market—and through Sky’s clear commitment to 3D broadcasting, 3D in the home is set to become a reality. Here at LG we’re really looking forward to being a key player in driving the evolution of this technology and giving families a more dramatic, immersive home entertainment experience.”

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