Rio 2016Brazilian pay-TV operators NET and Claro TV have confirmed that the Opening Ceremony of the forthcoming Rio Olympic Games will be made available in 4K Ultra HD.
In partnership with the SporTV channel, the experimental transmission will be made available to subscribers with compatible set-top boxes.
The broadcast marks the second time that NET and SporTV have undertaken a live broadcast of a sporting event in 4K, the pair having collaborated during the World Cup in 2014.

“NET and Claro HDTV are taking an important step In the development of cable TV in Brazil,” declared Márcio Carvalho, marketing director, residential markets for parent company América Móvil. “We are undertaking the first live 4K broadcasts, via cable or satellite, showing that we are ready to do what it takes to bring innovation to our subscribers.”

The news came as NET and Claro, together with telco Embratatel, announced comprehensive 100 per cent HD coverage plans for the Games for their cable TV subscribers.
To bring the full range of experience to subscribers, 25 HD channels will be dedicated to the event for all broadcasters holding the transmission rights in Brazil, guaranteeing what they say will be incomparable live coverage.

“We are bringing the widest coverage of all time, a set of channels dedicated to the Games,” commented José Antônio Félix, president of América Móvil in Brazil.

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By Expat