freesatFollowing the success so far of the three Panasonic plasmas with Freesat built-in (sizes 42in, 46in and 50in), Panasonic have announced the launch of two LCD televisions with Freesat built-in, available from October.
The LZD81 series will be available in two sizes, 32in and 37in and is great news in the increasing number of Freesat products coming onto the market, especially for so many of you whom have been waiting for news on slightly smaller televisions with Freesat capabilities.
All Panasonic Freesat televisions are supplied with high-definition and standard-definition digital satellite receiver, as well as a SD digital terrestrial (Freeview) and SD analogue terrestrial tuner with easy user navigation between all three services.
Prices will be £900 for the 32in (TX-32LZD81) and £1050 for the 37in (TX-37LZD81).

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By Expat