Television and film trade body, Pact, has issued its response to the Government’s consultation into Channel 4’s future.
It believes that the broadcaster should increase its investment in the nations and regions to 50%. Its current requirement is 35%, although last year, it spent 40% outside of the M25.

“If C4 matched [the percentage of BBC spend] then two of the main public service broadcasters could become major powerhouses in developing production and opportunity out of London,” explained Pact chief executive John McVay.

McVay added that he felt increasing the programming spend would have a more positive regional impact than relocation. A recent Pact member survey estimated that additional travel and accommodation costs if Channel 4 were to move from London would be “around £2000 per year to businesses.”

The organisation has also voiced its opposition to changes to Channel 4’s Indie Growth Fund – which would enable the broadcaster to increase its investment in indies to 49% (effectively almost a controlling interest).

“Channel 4 would effectively be moving into production through the back door,” stated McVay.

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By Expat