ofcomOfcom has invited SDN and Digital 3&4 Ltd to apply to renew the licences to their respective digital terrestrial multiplexes.
SDN, owned by ITV, operates Multiplex A and Digital 3&4 Ltd, a consortium of the Channel 3 licencees and Channel 4, runs Multiplex 2.

The regulator has also confirmed that, should they renew for a further 12 years from the end of their current period, it will not oblige them to extend network coverage or make new commitments to encouraging uptake of services.
Ofcom has also decided not to impose any additional payments rates for the licences because, as previously announced, it is introducing the new Administered Incentive Pricing system for spectrum from 2014. Both licences expire in 2010 and the operators must apply for renewal before April next year.

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By Expat