freeviewDigital terrestrial viewers in Wales have lost the CiTV Channel after it moved broadcast slots to extend its hours on air.
The channel this week moved to new spectrum capacity on SDN’s Multiplex A which was previously occupied by ABC1. It means the ITV children’s channel can now broadcast for an extra five-and-a-half hours on Saturdays and Sundays.
However, it also means digital terrestrial viewers in Wales, where the multiplex carries a different line-up because of national channels, will not get CiTV at all.
ITV said it was under no obligation to provide the CiTV Channel though it may acquire capacity to return to Wales, it it becomes available, in the future.
“ITV’s public service commitments apply only to ITV1 and therefore the programming on our dedicated children’s channel is in addition to the required number of children’s programming hours we broadcast on ITV1,” said a spokeswoman. “We apologise to those viewers who can no longer access the CiTV Channel. Like all broadcasters we must make decisions on how best to use the capacity available to us.

“We believe that the extension of the CiTV Channel’s hours on the weekend via acquisition of this new space (on the SDN multiplex) is the most positive step available to us at this time, both for the future of the channel and the benefit of its wider audience.”

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