NHK will have what it describes as the world’s first 85” 8K LCD (“Super Hi-Vision”) display on show at IBC next week. The display will also have High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology built in.
The unit’s screen displays 7680 horizontal pixels x 4320 pixels height. The contrast ratio is claimed to be 100,000 : 1 (or more), and it handles 12 bits of colour depth.
The unit was developed jointly by NHK and Sharp Corp, while the HDR technology was developed with the BBC.

Crucially, HDR-enabled displays are much better at handling the range of ‘white’ brightness and ‘’black/dark’ scenes. For example, the white ‘burn out’ frequently seen at sports events when one half of the stadium has brilliant sunshine, while the rest is in shadow, are managed much more successfully with HDR enabled. HDR also much more faithfully handles reflections of glass or metal surfaces.

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By Expat