The arrival of 5G in Spain is forcing changes to the frequencies used by the Digital Terrestrial Television network (TDT).
The changes will also require many households realign their current DTT aerial to accommodate the frequency changes which will start next Wednesday, July 24.

The first areas to be affected are Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera, a total of 94 municipalities in the province of Cáceres, and 24 locations in Huelva. This data has been provided today by the Director-General of Telecommunications and Information Technology Roberto Sánchez, at a press conference to inform those areas which will be affected under these changes as part of the second digital dividend, by which the 694-790 MHz band (700 MHz band) occupied by DTT is released to be used by 5G networks. The first DTT frequencies change will begin on July 24 in Baleares and Cáceres.

Roberto Sánchez has specified that some 36,000 buildings – in which some 760,000 people live- these areas will have to realign their communal aerials in order to continue receiving the full complement of DTT channels, residents will have a maximum six months to implement the necessary changes.

The director-general of Telecommunications has also clarified that the aforementioned changes of frequencies will not affect all buildings in the Balearic Islands, Cáceres and Huelva, though changes will be necessary for medium and large buildings, which are equipped with mono-scale systems and programmable control units.

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By Expat