london-liveNotice of proposed change to L-DTPS licence obligations of ESTV Limited (the local TV licensee for London)

Publication date: 25 July 2014
Responses close: 10am on 26 August 2014

This document seeks views on potential changes to the local obligations for the local TV licence for London.

The requested changes from ESTV Limited (ESTV) – the provider of the local TV service London Live – would include reductions to the hours of local content and changes to the types of programming provided.

This statutory Notice, given under section 19(3C) of the Broadcasting Act 1996, asks for representations from interested parties on whether Ofcom should allow changes to ESTV’s Programming Commitments. These are the local content obligations set out in the broadcasting licence.

After considering all representations received, Ofcom will take a decision about whether or not to allow these changes. We ask interested parties to respond to the Notice by 10:00am on Tuesday 26 August.

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By Expat