ESTV Limited currently operates a local television service in the London area known as ‘London Live’.
It has requested that Ofcom change some of the programming commitments for that service. Broadly speaking, these describe the type and volume of locally-relevant programming which ESTV Limited is required to provide and form part of its local TV licence.

Ofcom has decided that the changes requested by ESTV Limited would amount to a departure from the character of the licensed service. Under the statutory scheme, Ofcom is therefore required to consult on the request and is unable to consent to the changes requested unless it is satisfied that the departure would satisfy a number of criteria set out in legislation. These include, for example, that the departure should not substantially alter the character of the service or unacceptably reduce the number and range of programmes made about the local area.

Ofcom is therefore publishing this consultation in order to seek the views of persons who might be affected by the requested changes, particularly their views on whether the changes requested by ESTV Limited would satisfy the criteria referred to above.

Ofcom will consider any responses to this consultation before deciding whether or not to consent to the changes requested by ESTV Limited.

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By Expat