itv-98-2006ITV has signed another temporary renewal to its carriage contract with Sky as the dispute between the two broadcasters rumbles on.
The extension will run through April, when independent regulator Ofcom is expected to report back on the situation.

ITV asked Ofcom to investigate what it called “unfair, unreasonable and unduly discriminatory” terms offered by Sky for the regionalisation of ITV1 across the UK. Sky is asking for an estimated £17m for ITV’s encryption and regionalisation, in comparison to the £4m the BBC pays for regionalisation alone.
ITV confirmed today that the existing contract had been renewed for a further three months pending Ofcom’s ruling. “ITV has agreed a further temporary extension to its existing regionalisation and encryption deal with BSkyB,” a spokesman said.

“This means that ITV1 continues to be regionalised and, unless it opts otherwise, encrypted on the digital satellite platform pending the outcome of Ofcom’s investigation into the price BSkyB should charge ITV1 for the provision of a regionalisation service only.”

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By Expat