Viewers have reported missing programme EPG data for ITV HD on Freeview and YouView on Sunday.

Viewers in multiple regions were unable to access details of programmes on ITV HD due to missing EPG data in the 7 day Electronic Programme Guide used by Freeview and YouView.

Some devices showed either a ‘no information’ label or ‘ITV Nightscreen’ – the last scheduled item before the data vanished from the EPG.

In addition to providing information to viewers about programmes on now and next, the data also facilitates recordings and series links, which means viewer recordings had been failing.

Some social media users had said they’d tried retuning to try and fix the problem – but with the data fault due to an error at the broadcaster’s end, retuning could not fix the issue.

Satellite and cable viewers are unaffected. ITV standard definition on Freeview was also carrying EPG data as normal.

Freeview said it was aware of the issue, but was unable to provide a fix time. In the end, data was restored in the middle of Sunday prime-time programming.

Freeview’s Electronic Programme Guide data is handled by Digital UK, who in turn receive data from broadcasters or third-party providers who process programme data on behalf of broadcasters. YouView boxes as well as EE TV and Now TV Smart Boxes all feed off the same Freeview data.

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By Expat