DAB in Ireland

dabDigital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland is the only current form of digital radio transmission in the state. It was launched to the public on 30 November 2006, with trials taking place in 1998, 2001 and 2006. Currently, 56% of Ireland’s population – mainly in Counties Cork, Limerick and the North East – can receive permanent DAB services.
21 services were available in Dublin, surrounding areas and the north-east, and 11 were available in other coverage areas during the trial phase.

A temporary licenced trial multiplex began transmission using block 9B in April 2010. It is operated by Total Broadcast Consultants Ltd.
Initially it covered the Waterford City area and from mid May, expanded to cover much of the South East of Ireland. The pilot ensemble ceased during the summer of 2014.


DAB Ireland Mux1

This multiplex operates on Block 12C (227.360 MHz) from Three Rock Mountain, Kippure and Clermont Carn (both in Leinster), Woodcock Hill, Limerick and Spur Hill, Cork. Its line-up has varied heavily since its launch – initially on January 1, 2006. All stations are provided by RTÉ.

DAB Ireland Mux1
Station Bitrate Audio Information
RTÉ Radio 1 128 kbps Joint Stereo RTÉ’s main radio station.
RTÉ Radio 1+ (DAB+) 48 kbps Stereo HE-AAC v2 RTÉ’s main radio station in DAB+.
RTÉ Radio 1 Extra 80 kbps Mono Part-time service.
RTÉ 2fm 128 kbps Joint Stereo RTÉ’s second national radio station.
RTÉ lyric fm 160 kbps Joint Stereo Classical and Jazz music.
RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta 112 kbps Mono  Gaelic language service.
RTÉ Gold 128 kbps Joint Stereo Golden oldies.
RTÉ 2XM 112 kbps Joint Stereo Rock, Indie, Metal, Electronica, Alternative and Nu Metal.
RTE 2FM + (DAB+) 64 kbps Stereo HE-AAC v2 Rock, Indie, Metal, Electronica, Alternative and Nu Metal.
RTÉ jr 80 kbps Mono Children’s radio station. Shared bandwidth (0700-2100).
RTÉ Pulse 128 kbps Joint Stereo Dance Music


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