freesatFreesat has reached an agreement with Retra, the trade association for electrical retailers, ahead of its May 6 launch date.
The BBC-ITV joint venture had initially signed only Comet, Argos, John Lewis and the stores of DSG as its retail launch partners; however, a service level agreement with Retra will permit retailers such as Euronics and Eurosat to sell Freesat equipment.

“Needless to say we are delighted that this agreement has been reached,” said Retra chief executive Bryan Lovewell. “With 2008 predicted to be a challenging year, new products such as Freesat can only help independent retailers increase footfall and profits… What Freesat must do now is work to ensure independent retailers have access to timely information and support in order to effectively sell the service.”
A Freesat spokesperson told us: “We will, of course, continue to inform Retra of our plans for working with independent retailers as we move forward.”

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By Expat