All 4Channel 4 has revealed a new look for its on-demand service All 4. The service’s brand new interface for big screens (Smart TVs and games consoles) will launch in the coming weeks, followed by new-look home screens on iOS, Android and

All 4’s user experience design and interactions will be optimised for each platform in order to deliver an even more intuitive experience for the viewer. The new home screens will offer a tailored proposition combining ‘human’ curation with data-driven personalisation ensuring each user experiences the most relevant and engaging proposition for them. Channel 4 also announced a multi-million-pound increase in investment of original and acquired online content for All 4 in 2017. This is in addition to brand funded series which continue to expand having delivered a total of 18 All 4 original series with 12 advertisers since Shorts launched in summer 2014.

The All 4 commissioning team, responsible for defining and delivering the on-demand channel’s editorial offer, revealed eight new thematic strands today that will form the basis of their future commissions and acquisitions.

These include ‘New Romantics’, which will explore modern love in all its forms; ‘Rich Kids’, an examination of what it means to have a rich life; ‘Ballsy’, a home for those pushing life to the limits; and ‘Freaks & Uniques’, a look at extraordinary people living unbelievable lives. There are also strands for leading edge music and culture, gaming and the internet, topical series and mid-form millennial drama and comedy.

“This phase in All 4’s evolution sees us yank it out of the world of catch-up TV and into the expanding OTT space,” declared Richard Davidson-Houston, Head of All 4 and Digital Content at Channel 4. “In all aspects of the user experience from editorial to design and functionality, All 4 is becoming more personal and intuitive to use. Time is precious and our mission is to ensure that All 4 always hits the spot.”

All 4 has evolved into one of the UK’s leading OTT channels, offering Channel 4’s key demographic of young viewers a wide choice of rich on-demand entertainment, for free. Continued innovation and investment has led to impressive YoY growth in views of +28 per cent (incl. syndication partners such as Sky and Virgin) YTD across all platforms. This is being driven by the ever-increasing popularity of All 4’s original and acquired exclusive content as well as Box Sets of iconic classic and contemporary TV series.

The on-demand channel’s strongest growth this year has been on the big screen, up +35 per cent (incl. syndication partners such as Sky and Virgin) YoY, demonstrating that the shared TV screen is still the first choice for many viewers. Reflecting this trend in on-demand viewing behaviour Channel 4’s commercial innovation continues to focus on delivering programmatic-buying enabled targeted advertising and interactivity across all screens, particularly the TV screen.

All 4 currently has 15 million registered viewers including over half of all 16-34 year olds in the UK.

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