Listed on this page are the URLs of known HbbTV services around the world. Please send any corrections or new links to have them included.
HbbTV services can be viewed using the Firefox browser with the Fire TV Plugin.

FireHbbTV integrates with Firefox to help you develop HbbTV (http://www.hbbtv.org/) compliant applications. You can then benefit of strong development tools associated with the Firefox browser. Most commonly used HbbTV API are injected on-the-fly on the web page once you activate the plugin support for a given site. Moreover, FireHbbTv provides you with usefull tools such as resize, aspect-ratio switch, safe-area margin display and keyboard navigation miming TV remote control capabilities.

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HbbTV URL List

Country HbbTV URL Comments
CineTrailer.TV http://nettv.cinetrailer.tv/lg/ Video playback available. Available in many languages.
ebay http://www.jaast.com/smart/ Shopping.
Euronews http://www.euronews.com/_partners/philips/# Video playback available. Available in many languages.
iConcerts http://www3.iconcerts.com/?q=en/netTV Video playback available.
iptv4.tv http://tk.ip4.tv/%7Eupdater/tk/ Portal site.
Rovi RV Guide http://tilden.rovicorp.com/CE-HTML-EPG/HTTV74687/120_b/ TV Guide
TuneIn Radio http://ce.radiotime.com Audio available.
Twitter http://twitter.nettvservices.com Twitter.
Vimeo http://vimeoapps.com/philips/ Video playback available.
Wikipedia http://wiki.nettvservices.com/wiki.php?lang=en Wikipedia in English.
Wiki TV Portal http://portal.primatv.de/wikitv Wiki TV Portal.
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/leanback YouTube videos.

bergfex  http://de.philips.bergfex.com/ Austrian Ski information & accommodation.
ORF Red Button http://orfhbbtv.orf.apa.net/hbbtv/tvthek/index.html?portal=falseindex.php Red button.
ORF Text TV http://orfhbbtv.orf.apa.net/orf/teletext/index.html?id=teletext&ref=portal Text TV service.

Lekker van bij ons http://nettv.lekkervanbijons.be Video playback available.

DRTV Red Button https://dr.hbb.fokuson.tv/client-portal/hbbtv/drnu/index.html Red Button, press R for the menu.
DRTV Main Index https://dr.hbb.fokuson.tv/client-portal/device/ Video playback available, though may be geoblocked.
Foreca http://nettv.foreca.com Weather in Denmark.

France 24 NetTV http://philips.playintv.com/portal/france24/application.cehtml Available in English & French. Video playback available.
NRJ http://hbbtv.wiztivi.com/hbbtv-nrj-popin/ Content not loading.

a.tv Mediathek Starten http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/mediathek/a.tv/ TV for Augsburg. Red Button, press R. Video playback available.
Anixe http://hbbtv01p.anixe.net/pub/anixehd/ticker/ticker.php?r=0.9985497979488106&anixtr=18385835
Aqua TV http://tv.mytvscout.de/aquatv/ Video playback available.
ARD Das Erste http://hbbtv.ardmediathek.de/hbbtv-ard/mediathek/?client=ard&devicegroup=hbbtv Video playback available. German subtitles are also available.
ARD Das Erste EPG http://itv.ard.de/ardepg/ Das Erste EPG.
ARD Das Erste Tagesschau http://www.tagesschau.de/itv/hbbtv/hbbtv.cehtml Video playback available.
ARTE Die Rote Taste http://www.arte.tv/redbutton/ Red Button, press R for the menu.
ARTE  http://www.arte.tv/hbbtvv2/ Available in German, French, English, Spanish, Polish.
Auf Kurs – Das Hansa-TV-Magazin http://tv.mytvscout.de/hansatv/ Video playback available.
AutoZine http://www.autozine.de/nettv/ Online Magazine.
AV Magazine http://net-tv.av-magazin.de  Online Magazine.
Berlin Fashion TV http://nettv.berlinfashion.tv Video playback available.
Bild http://json.bild.de/tv/cehtml.cehtml Video playback available.
Boersenzeitung http://nettv.boersen-zeitung.de Financial information.
BR Bayerntext http://hbbtv.br.de/br-text/ Text Service from BR.
BR Mediathek Video http://www.br-online.de/mediathek-video-hbbtv/br.php Bavarian TV. Video playback unavailable.
BR Rundschau http://hbbtv.br.de/br-rundschau/ Video playback available.
Bürgerrundfunk Teletext http://teletext.ok54.de/hbbtv.php Teletext Service.
Chech Eins http://hbbtv.daserste.de/?checkeins=1 Children’s programmes from Das Erste.
Clipfish http://hbbtv.clipfish.de Video playback available.
Das Vierte http://hbbtv01p.anixe.net/pub/dasvierte/portal/appPortal.php Video playback unavailable.
Die Presse.com http://diepresse.com/nettv/ News service.
Drivecast http://diepresse.com/nettv/
Eurosport (Red Button) http://hbbtv-1.eurosport.com/eurosport-frontend/dojoroot/app/pages/hbbtv/popup.html No response from the red button.
FC St. Pauli http://stpauli.smarttv.stage.cellular.de Video playback available.
Focus Online http://focus.smarttv.stage.cellular.de Video playback available.
Franken Fernsehen (Red Button) http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/portal/Franken-Fernsehen/index.html Red Button, press R for the menu.
Franken Fernsehen http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/mediathek/Franken-Fernsehen/index.html#autoshow Video playback available.
HeliView http://www.heliview.de/smarttv/nettv/ Video playback available.
Humax Portal http://portal.primatv.de Portal site.
HSE24 (Red Button) http://hse24.aps.de/hse24/sat/ No response from the red button.
Inverto TV Portal http://www.inverto.tv/hbbtv/portal/v4/ Portal site.
IRT’s HbbTV Application Portal http://tv-html.irt.de Portal site.
Itsmy Spielecenter http://hbbig.itsmy.tv/spielecenter/ Gaming site.
Jena TV http://tv.mytvscout.de/jenatv/ Video playback available.
kabel eins (Red Button) http://hbbtv.kabeleins.de/service/redbutton.php?brand=k1de Red Button, press R for the menu.
kabel eins (Mediathek) http://hbbtv.kabeleins.de/extern/redorbit/hbbtv/apps/mediathek/v2/web/app.php?channel=_&_=2017-03-20T19%3A57Z  Video playback available.
kabel eins (Dashboard) http://hbbtv.kabeleins.de/v2/dashboard/k1de Video playback available.
Kinderkino http://nettv.kinderkino.de Children’s programming.
Kino http://koops.e-media.de/lg/ Video playback available.
Lieferservice.de http://ce.lieferservice.de Order food online.
Lokal TV Portal http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/Lokal-TV-Portal/index.html#receiveID=1 Local TV Portal.
Maxdome http://tv.maxdome.de/mxdtv/ Buy & rent films. Video playback available.
Main TV (Red Button) http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/dvb-s/sesps/Mainfranken/ Red Button, press R for the menu.
Main TV (Mediathek) http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/mediathek/main.tv/index.html#autoshow Video playback available.
Meissen Fernsehen http://tv.mytvscout.de/tvmeissen/ Local TV from Meissen. Video playback available.
Mit-Xperts http://itv.mit-xperts.com/mitxpgo/ This is a showcase with some of their applications.
Motorsport Total http://www.motorsport-total.com/itv/ Motorsport News.
Multithek Portal site.
München TV (Red Button) http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/portal/muenchen.tv/ Red Button, press R for the menu.
München TV (Mediathek) http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/mediathek/muenchen.tv/index.html#autoshow News service.
MySpass http://philips.hybridtv.myspass.de/philips/ Video playback unavailable.
myTVscout http://tv.mytvscout.de/mytvscout/ Regional TV Portal.
NDR (Mediathek) http://hbbtv.ndr.de Video playback available.
Netzkino http://tv.anixe.net/pub/netzkino/ Film site.
NewMove http://smarttv.newmoove.com Video playback available.
NiederschlagsRadar http://nettv.niederschlagsradar.de Weather site.
n-tv http://cdn.digitaltext.n-tv.de/index.html Red Button, press R for the menu. Links not working.
OTR – Online TV Recorder http://onlinetvrecorder.com/leanback/ Online TV Recorder.
Panoramabilder http://hbbtv.feratel.co.at/hbbtv/br/ Webcam panoramas from Bavaria & Austria.
PC-Welt http://tv.mytvscout.de/pcwelt/ Magazine.
Playboy http://playboy.smarttv.dev.cellular.de Video playback available.
Potsdam TV http://tv.mytvscout.de/potsdamtv/ Video playback available.
ProSieben (Dashboard) http://hbbtv.prosieben.de/v2/dashboard/p7de Video playback available.
ProSieben Startseite http://hbbtv.prosieben.de/startbar/ Video playback available.
Puls4 http://hbbtv.puls4.com Video playback available. Service may be geoblocked.
punkteins http://tv.mytvscout.de/oberlausitztv/ Regional news from Oberlausitz. Video playback available.
QVC http://hbbtv.qvc.de/smarttv_shop_disabled/#media Shopping channel. Video playback available.
Radio Fritz http://itv.ard.de/fritz/ Radio from rbb, no audio available.
Radio Ton http://itv.mit-xperts.com/radioton Radio station, no audio available.
rbb Text http://hbbtv.rbb-online.de/rbbtext/ Text TV service from rbb.
Regio TV http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/mediathek/RegioTV-Ulm/ Red Button, press R for the menu.
Reisse TV http://tvapp.reise-tv.com/tvapp/ Video playback available.
rfo (Red Button) http://tv.mytvscout.de/rfo-redbutton/ Red Button, press R for the menu.
rfo http://tv.mytvscout.de/rfo/?rb=a Video playback available.
RTL2 (Red Button http://hbbtv.rtl2.de/redbutton.php?cc=de Red Button, press R for the menu
RTL2 http://p-hbbtv-frontend.rtl2.de/rtl2app.php?cc=de Video playback available.
SaarText http://hbbtv.sr-online.de Regional TV Text service from the Saarland.
Sat1 (Startbar) http://hbbtv.sat1.de/startbar/startbar.php Choose between Mediathek and Magazine
Sat1 (Mediathek) http://hbbtv.sat1.de/extern/redorbit/hbbtv/apps/mediathek/v2/web/app.php Video content not loading.
Sate1 (Magazine) http://hbbtv.sat1.de/v2/magazine/s1de News & Magazine.
Sat1 http://hbbtv.sat1.de/ran/index/liga/1/ Video playback unavailable. Service may be geoblocked.
Servus TV (Humax) http://connected.servustv.com/humax/ Video playback available.
Servus TV (LG) http://connected.servustv.com/lg/ Video playback available.
Servus TV (Technisat) http://connected.servustv.com/technisat/ Video playback available.
Servus TV (NetTV) http://connected.servustv.com/NetTV/ Video playback available.
Servus TV (VideoWeb) http://stage-connected.servustv.com/videoweb/ Video playback available.
Spiegel TV http://tv.mytvscout.de/spiegeltv/ Video playback available.
Sportdigital http://sportdigital.services.nrmmh.tv Video content is geoblocked.
Sportsofa http://hbbtv.langemann_sportsofa.app.nrmmh.tv Video playback unavailable.
TecTime TV http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/dvb-s/sesps/TecTimeTV/ Video playback available.
TV App Gallery http://itv.mit-xperts.com/appgallery/HbbTV/ App Gallery.
TV Spielfilm http://tvspielfilm.smarttv.dev.cellular.de Film site.
TV Touring http://hbbtv.bmt-technik.de/mediathek/TVtouring/index.html#autoshow Video playback available.
Vantage Portal http://hbbtvtr.vantage-digital.com Urls are not working from the portal.
VFB TV http://keen.vfb.services.nrmmh.tv TV portal for VFB Stuttgart
Video Frame TV http://hbb.videoframe.tv Video playback unavailable
VideoWeb TV Portal http://portal.videoweb.de/home/myindex2/ TV Portal.
Visit X http://cehtml.visit-x.tv/sexy.php?partner=HBBIG.COM/ Red Button, Adult content.
VOX (Rot drücken) http://digitaltext.vox.de/launchbar/ Press R, links are not loading.
watchmi http://watchmi-smarttv.api.watchmi.tv/app/watchmi-smarttv/cehtml.cehtml Video playback available.
WDR (Startseite) http://hbbtv.wdr.de/wdrtext/ Text TV Service.
Wetter.com http://hbbtv.wetter.com German weather.
Wetter.net http://philips.wetter.net German weather.
Wikipedia http://wiki.nettvservices.com/wiki.php?lang=de Wikipedia in German
YellowMap http://www.yellowmap.de/partners/Technisat/searchform.aspx Search site.
ZDF Mediathek http://hbbtv.zdf.de/zdfm3/index.php?portal=1 Video playback available.
ZDF Olympia http://hbbtv.zdf.de/olympia/ Content not loading.

Delta Interactive TV http://www.zeelandnet.nl/hbbtv-acc/ Dutch Portal.
Kijk TV (SBS Net) http://stv.sbsnet.nl Video playback unavailable, may be geoblocked.
NOS (Red Button) http://hbbtv.distributie.publiekeomroep.nl Red Button, press R.
NOS Nu http://hbbtv.distributie.publiekeomroep.nl/nu Video playback available.
NOS Uitzendig Gemist Uitgelicht http://hbbtv.distributie.publiekeomroep.nl/nu/load/layer/gemist/deviceType/Default Missed programme Spotlight. Some content may be geoblocked.
NOS http://staging.hbbtv.distributie.publiekeomroep.nl/nuop1/index/app/hbbtv_dvb Red Button, press R. Content may be geoblocked.
RTL XL http://lg.ctv.rtl.nl/build/default-webkit-default/index.html Video playback available, may be geoblocked.
RTV Oost http://nettv.rtvoost.nl Local TV. Video playback available
SBS Rode knob http://hbbsbs.24imedia.tv/sbs6.php Content not loading after pressing the Red Button (Rode knob).

New Zealand
Three Now http://hbbtv.mediaworks.co.nz Video playback unavailable. Freeview Plus EPG not available.

Telewizja Polska HbbTV Test http://hbbtv.tvp.pl HbbTV test from TVP.

Stream http://tv2.omlet.ru/tv/nettv# Film site (subscription).
Zoomby http://www.zoomby.ru/ce/philips/

RTS 4 http://rtvmediateka.ltfe.org/app/home?apptype=hbbtv&welcome=1 Video playback available.

Spanish Language
20 minutos http://nettv.20minutos.es Video playback available.
ADN Stream http://www.adnstream.tv Content may be geoblocked.
Mundo Gaturro http://smarttv.mundogaturro.com Children’s site.
RTVE (Botton Rojo) http://www.rtve.es/hbbtv/redbutton/ Red Button, press R.
RTVE (Main Menu) http://www.rtve.es/hbbtv/redbutton/launcher/app/v1.2.7/index.html?c=null Video playback available.
Tangocity http://ctv.tangocity.com.ar/index.html Video playback unavailable, may be geoblocked.
TV3 – Televisió de Catalunya http://www.tv3.cat/iptv/nettv/index.cehtml#inici

Citycable News and weather from Lausanne.
feratel Panorama TV http://panoramatv.feratel.com/panoramatv/technisat/ Live Webcams available.

FOX Turkey Video playback unavailable, may be geoblocked.

United Kingdom
Absolute Radio http://tv.absoluteradio.co.uk/lg/ Audio for Absolute Radio works when using /lg/ though not for /philips/ or /samsung/. No audio on other stations.
BBC iPlayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/bigscreen/tv/ Video playback available, content is geoblocked.