freeviewUK consumers view catch up TV player services as the most appealing TV technology, according research conducted by Freeview ahead of this year’s Olympics.
The survey of 2,000 people suggested that what consumers want most are technologies that enhance current television viewing behaviour and give the viewer a more personalised experience.
When asked to rank eight different TV technologies in order of appeal, 62% put catch up TV in the top slot, followed by TV anytime (59%) and an enhanced programme guide (51%).

3D viewing and Mobile TV were considered less appealing to respondents but still “nice to have”, scoring 19% and 12% respectively.
Ilse Howling, Managing Director of Freeview, said: “Eight years ago in Athens, the iPad and social media were unimagined, while the prospect of watching the 100m final in 3D at home was no more than a pipe dream. London 2012 is gearing up to be a game changer for the television industry.
“In eight years time, at the 2020 Olympics, who knows what the media landscape will look like. However, this research reminds the industry that what viewers want is more control of what they watch and when in an evolutionary, not revolutionary, way.”

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By Expat