freeview+Freeview has announced their digital TV recording service—Freeview Playback has been rebranded as Freeview +.
Over the next few months Freeview will be rebranding all of its packaging and advertising materials to increase sales of the DTR’s.
Freeview+ provides a free subscription to viewers after they have purchased a box, features include series record, one touch record, and a pause feature for live TV.

Rob Farmer, Director of Marketing Communications at Freeview, said: “There’s over one third of a million Freeview digital TV recorders in households, and that’s been achieved with relatively little marketing support. We are now upping our efforts and since ‘+’ has entered the vernacular in recent years, we think it makes sense to reposition ourselves to take advantage of that.”

The Freeview + range will contain basic boxes, DVD recorders, DVD and VHS combination recorders and TVs with Freeview+ built in. It will also feature a greater number of products from a range of brands including Humax, Goodmans, LG, Tvonics, Sony and Sharp.
Farmer added: “Freeview+ is the next chapter in our story as the champion of free TV in the UK. It lets you record great programmes with no subscription, no contract, no fuss. It’s the obvious choice for recording TV in the digital age.”


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By Expat