freeviewhdFreeview has officially launched its new high definition television service. From 31 March, around 4.5 million new homes will come into Freeview HD coverage for the first time, including the cities of Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff which puts Freeview HD coverage on track to reach up to 50% of the UK by the World Cup.

Channel 4 HD is now available on the service alongside the BBC HD channel and ITV1 HD that have been on air since Freeview’s technical launch on 2 December. S4C will launch its HD channel Clirlun in Wales on 30 April.
Freeview also announced Freeview+ HD boxes will arrive in shops before the World Cup.
Content available on Freeview HD this year includes the World Cup,the FA Cup, Doctor Who, Wimbledon, The Apprentice, Britains Got Talent, Foyles War, Glee and Desperate Housewives
Later this week, Freeview will launch its largest marketing campaign to date with a series of TV ads carrying the slogan ‘It feels good to Freeview’. The £6m campaign combines scenes from everyday TV programmes with backdrops of visuals viewers have come to expect from HD. The first of a series of eight ads will break on 3 April and the campaign will run until the end of the World Cup, returning again at Christmas.

Commenting on the launch, Ilse Howling, Managing Director of Freeview, said: “Freeview is taking the experience of stunning HD to a new level of access and availability. Our high definition service offers many of the UK’s favourite shows in glorious high definition and as always with Freeview, you just need to buy the equipment and there’s no contract or monthly bills. And with the World Cup just around the corner, there is no better time for viewers to embrace High Definition TV.”

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